Hey Colin,
This is Sandra, the girl who helped you pick out toys last Tuesday at Mastermind.
As soon as I got home I listened to you music and…WOW.
You are so talented… your voice gave me goose bumps and your lyrics are beautiful.

Thank you so much for what you bring to the world, you have an incredible spirit and I had so much fun meeting you. I'm so glad you came into the toy store that day, that was my last day working there and it was definitely the perfect way to go out.

I would love to hear back from you and hear about how the end of your tour went.

My email is

Thank you for being wonderful. ☮

ColinResponse responded on 09/09/2014

Hi Sandra! This was a very special message you sent me, and it got me thinking and so I posted a message on my FB Page inspired by your message :)

Thank you for making my morning better. The kids loved their toys and Bubble Science was a HIT! :D

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